The Burrowers, BBC2

In "The Burrowers" Sasha worked with Chris Packham and Dragonfly Productions as an onscreen Lagomorpha expert, (an expert on the rabbit and hare family) in a series of 3 one hour programmes that started on Friday 16th August, 9pm on BBC2.

In one of the biggest natural history experiments ever undertaken, Chris Packham, with Sasha, Derek Gow and Chris Cheeseman, shed light on the magical underground world of three iconic British animals – badgers, water voles and rabbits. The Burrowers is a three part series for BBC Two following the lives of these fascinating creatures from their birth to their emergence from the burrow.

Wild Thing – I Love You, Ch 4

Wild Thing – I Love You, 10, one hours on British conservation, produced by RDF for Channel 4, 2006. With Bill, Dusty and Jem, Sasha was nominated for a Golden Panda at Wildscreen for innovative presentation in 'Wild Thing I Love You' (RDF, Channel 4 2006).

In Wild Thing – I Love You presenters Bill Bailey, Sasha Norris and the team of experts are investigating the plight of animals being threatened by a particular local problem. They travel all over the UK in search of critters in peril – from a family of Otters in Newcastle who need an otter sized bridge built under a main flyover to stop them from being killed on the road, to an endangered group of porpoises in Cornwall who are under serious threat from fisherman’s gill nets.

‘The Wild Thing’ team have only a few weeks to meet the challenge and try to engineer an ingenious solution to ensure their survival? Can they do it? Or will our furry friends still be under threat?

This educational series will also offer a unique insight every week into the lives of the animals in the spotlight. The programme looks at their habitats, lifecycle, feeding and mating habits as well as delving into the community and local area, studying the social history and looking back at how the specific habitats have changed over the years. The challenge is on: Will Bill and his team be able to save our wildlife?

Wild, The Oxford Channel

For six months prior to this, Sasha presented a one hour live television show, Six life, for The Oxford Channel. Wild is a 28 minute programme on nature, conservation and people who work outside. Sasha was nominated ‘Best New Talent’ by the Royal Television Society for her work on Wild, on local RSL The Oxford Channel.

Wild is researched, produced and presented by Sasha. Most Wild programmes are edited and filmed by cameraman Scot Openshaw.

Wild was originally a no-budget programme for a low-budget channel. Working as a general presenter on the Oxford Channel, Sasha volunteered to make wildlife shows. The first 30 programmes were produced before work, at weekends and after-hours; filmed on Sasha’s Sony DVX2000 and edited on Avid. Dr. Norris met foresters, farmers, government scientists, economists, horse-lovers, wardens, and followed them in their work in the countryside. Audience feedback quickly made it obvious that Wild was the most popular programme on the channel.

I am a regular contributor to Sky News, BBC and other media channels.

Feedback on Wild:

Sasha Norris is superb…she is perfect for the job – fun without being inane – she obviously knows her subject well, but gives her interviewees space to talk and explain too. My worry is that she’ll be quickly snapped up by a bigger TV company and not given the time and space she gets on Wild (Perhaps I’m just being selfish!)

Steve Johnson, Witney

My fourteen year old son has developed a fascination for dung beetles as a result of Sasha’s show!!

Janet from Banbury

Congratulations on your superb programme when you went out on the bird shoot. I was so impressed by the quality of discussion between you, a sincere attempt to see each other’s viewpoint on a difficult subject. I hope you have the chance to make more of this kind of programme before you are snapped up by one of the bigger channels!

Mrs Jo Ault, Banbury