1,000 Trees

Sasha started the 1000 trees project in 2013

1000 trees is a tree planting project for everyone.  Inspired by local people who campaigned to save 14 lime trees in Hereford City centre in 2013, by knitting and lobbying and peaceful protest, 1000 trees  aims to make tree planting easy and accessible to all.

2000 years ago, Britain was forested across almost her entire surface. We have removed the trees to use the wood for many diverse uses but at great cost to our wildlife.

This project is part of a movement to bring them back. In the process, we create homes for wildlife as diverse as tawny owls and slow worms. Almost every species of wildlife in our country benefits from the presence of trees.

1000 trees is INCLUSIVE – whatever your organisation we will work with you to plant trees.

Whether you are a landowner, a developer, factory owner, an individual with a small garden, or community garden, our aim is to help you to plant more trees.

All of the trees we give away are natural to the British landscape, locally grown trees.

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