Sasha Norris with Nancy Gladstone and Godfray Semwalko

PACE project, Siren Conservation Education

Somebody somewhere has found a solution! The idea behind the PACE project is to help spread simple solutions to environmental problems between communities. From fuel-saving stoves to rainwater-harvesting, compost making to forest product certification, the project aims to share information about the environment and the very practical ways in which people are addressing common environmental problems.

The PACE children’s book Africa Our Home is about how children can solve their own problems, saving themselves and each other from hardship, environmental destruction, poverty, maybe even death. It is also about how we can protect the creatures that evolved alongside us, for their own sake, and for ours.

 This book is being updated by Sasha and Nancy (2013) and translated into French for francophone African children.


David Macdonald, Sasha Norris

Oxford University Press

This comprehensive encyclopedia, expanded from one to three volumes and updated to include the latest scientific developments since the 1984 edition, should reach a broad audience.

The information is presented in a consistent format, and colour photographs, maps, and sketches make the set visually appealing. At the same time, each entry is authoritative and informative enough to be useful to students.


Sasha Norris

Think Publishing

The adults are messing up the planet – now it's time for the kids to take charge! Super Kids arms the young eco-heroes of tomorrow with all the facts, ideas and knowledge they'll need to save the planet.

Each of its dozen chapters focuses on an environmental issue – such as water, waste or wildlife – and through a series of 20 tips explains how the even the smallest daily change for the better can make a global difference. Super Kids has a bouncy, enthusiastic tone, without ever talking down to its readers.

It is written by Dr Sasha Norris, TV presenter of Oxford Channel's Wild Programme, environmentalist, and founder of Siren, the conservation education charity. It is illustrated by Rupert Davies, celebrated illustrator of Wildlife Walks for the Wildlife Trusts. This book, aimed approximately at the 9-12 age range, will provide children with a host of ideas, tips and projects to get involved with that will help them make a difference to the world around them.

It contains approximately 250 tips and 100 colour illustrations.