About Sasha

Sasha runs a small holding in rural Herefordshire where she lives with many animals, both domestic and wild. She works hard to make her garden and home as wildlife friendly as possible, uses all eco-friendly products, makes compost, switches off lights and drives as little as possible.

Sasha publishes and writes poetry, mainly about animals and wild places. Here’s one:


Kaleidoscope an entire sky,
Glissands of sweeping and swirling,
Fine muslin hung from the hand of a ballerina,
In a pirouette,
The folds unfolding,
Or cream stirred in coffee,
Each cold clotted molecule following the next.
Shoals of fish,
The random non-random sense of it.

A scientist I trust once explained to me
That the phenomenon which appears to be so
Beautifully coordinated by a conductor or by God,
Could in fact be governed by very simply rules,
Such as when the bird in front moves,
Offset your movement by a fraction of an inch to theirs.
I am not sure I mind.