Sasha Norris is a Zoologist and Broadcaster. She has a first class degree in Zoology from Bristol University (and the Rose Bracher prize for Zoology) and a D.Phil, (PhD) from Oxford University for her  work studying communication between house sparrows. She has taught at Oxford University and as a freelance writer,  Sasha has worked for the Discovery Channel, BBC Wildlife, the Guardian and Oxford Today as well as being a regular features writer for the RSPB. She has written and published three books and in 2000 founded Siren, a conservation education charity which has attracted Darwin Initiative and private donor funding and impacted thousands of lives and wild creatures. She has produced and presented over 60 programmes of her own 'Wild' show on local RSL The Oxford Channel.

For her presenting skills, Sasha has been nominated for major awards  and been a key expert in landmark series on Channel Four and BBC2.

If she could have one wish it would be for people to be as excited about wildlife conservation as they are about World Cup Football.

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Red Kites are steadily becoming re-established in the UK. Here's an interview that I did with recently, discussing how these birds are steadily increasing in number



Gorillas are closely related to our species and often display similar emotions and attributes. Here's an interview that I did with BBC Radio Cambridge recently when we discussed how gorillas interact and how there are similarities between us.



Many people see seagulls as a nuisance or a threat but at our wildlife and rescue cente, we've recently been given two seagulls to look after. Here's my interview with BBC Hereford and Worcester's Alice Porter.



We've recently been contacted following reports of buzzards being shot locally and have taken some of these beautiful birds of prey into care. Here's my interview with BBC Hereford and Worcester's Alice Porter.


Our latest fallow deer release

December 9th 2016, we released a young fallow deer which had been in our care since fireworks night, November 5th. She came in to us with a fractured leg and concussion having been found lying on the A438.

After a month of TLC, antibiotics, pain relief, fresh hay, water, brambles, goat mix, a heat lamp and a deep bed of straw, Anna the deer was ready to go back. Here's what happened when we opened the trailer door.


Give Life

Only conservation is capable of adding to the beauty of the natural world, by restoring habitats, returning locally extinct creatures back to the wild, protecting what is already lovely..
It is a legacy of regeneration, of life itself. Wildlife conservation ... quite literally creates life where there was none before, creates homes for animals which would otherwise not exist.

Sasha Norris RSPB Birds Magazine 2002

Valentines Day

Listen to the romantic Valentines Day story of two pigeons during my interview with BBC Hereford & Worcester's Malcolm Boyden.